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CBD Candy Sweets | Handmade CBD Edibles By Cibiday – 6 Varieties

CBD Candy Sweets | Handmade CBD Edibles By Cibiday – 6 Varieties


CBD Candy Sweets | Handmade CBD Edibles by Cibiday – 6 Varieties are a new range of CBD or Cannabidiol sweets to grace our digital shelves – we have already sold the Cibiday Lollipops with great feedback and this range of…
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CBD Candy Sweets | Handmade CBD Edibles by Cibiday – 6 Varieties are a new range of CBD or Cannabidiol sweets to grace our digital shelves – we have already sold the Cibiday Lollipops with great feedback and this range of six different CBD Edible Candies are going to be a big hit with most consumers who are looking for a Cannabinoid based product to supplement their diet either while on the move or in  a discreet manner while in the office or workplace. We will explain the different types of CBD candies below – please also note that these products are handmade and hand finished meaning their can be size imperfections etc – they are crafted with love and care, but they do contain sugar, which needs to be taken with caution, more info below. From nighttime ones to CBD peppermints- this range has all you need and is a great tasting range of different edible Candies sweets infused with Cannabinoids in a CBD extract. Cibiday CBD candies are for sale in various shapes and flavors, such as peppermint, lavender and liquorice. These full, distinct, well-known  flavors are capable of masking all kinds of different flavors, so that the characteristic bitter taste of cannabidiol-rich hemp extract can no longer be tasted. This makes these CBD-containing treats very suitable as a tasteful change from CBD oil products that some Cannabinoid consumers find unpalatable. All the CBD sweets in the assortment are prepared according to traditional methods and with love for the trade. Because all the sweets are prepared by hand, not all sweets are the same size and therefore do not all contain as much cannabidiol. The stated number of milligrams of CBD is therefore a content of a medium-sized candy so please note this when trying to regulate intake. Although these tasty sweets contain the healthy ingredient CBD, all the sweets are also prepared with sugar. Too much sugar can damage health, so we recommend not to use too many of these handmade delicacies. So enjoy it, but eat candy in moderation. Quintessential CBD oils is very happy to have these great products in store for you to purchase – we love them and are sure you will as well. These sweets are great for everyone because the obtained CBD extract used contains no psychoactive substance, the CBD sweets are also suitable for children, who will certainly appreciate this tasty options over oil drops.

Peppermint CBD Sweets:These CBD Edibles are made to have a traditional  fresh peppermint taste so that you will not taste any bitter taste of the extract. Making the sweets is done by hand in the traditional way. With great skill and care, different colors are arranged in such a way that not only happy stripes appear on the candy, but also true letters become visible. In this case, 3 letters have been designed that form the abbreviation CBD of cannabidiol. These letters seem to have a black color at first glance, but when you hold the candy against the light, you will see that it has a slightly translucent green color. The strong cannabidiol extract also provides the separate, earthy colors that the candy has received. This is one for traditional sweet lovers everywhere, packed full of CBD in the “writing” with an outer sweet minty layer – perfect to suck on.

Lavender CBD Sweets: CBD-containing candy edibles with a strong taste of lavender. The purple themed candies are made by hand in a completely traditional way and are formed in cheerful striped pillows for your enjoyment. Lavender is known for the purple flowers that spread a wonderful floral scent that is peaceful and relaxing. The pronounced taste of lavender flowers ensures that the bitter taste of the CBD extract is pushed into the sweets, so the ingestion of the cannabidiol extract is as pleasant as possible. These are great to chill with at night- but don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed!

CBD Get Well Soon Lozenges: Sore, achy, you can bring natural relief using this handmade cbd sweet also known as the “get well soon” by Cibiday. This powerful, spicy mix is the perfect blend of some well know traditional ingredients that are always a blessing when a sore throat starts. CBD Candy Get well soon is a supportive candy with a strong taste of various herbs. Each candy, which is provided with an orange / red cross, contains about 4 mg of cannabidiol. Expect strong notes from the Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Anise, Menthol and sweet notes from the Honey. natures finest CBD infused sore throat reliever.

CBD Murray / Butter Mints: Are softer mint flavour CBD sweet, perfect for those looking for a warm minty goodness with  a hint of CBD. The striped CBD candy pads or pillows, which have a subtle mint flavor, contain a cannabidiol content of 6 mg per sweet on average. This cannabidiol-rich extract is obtained by extracting beneficial hemp plants that have a legal status and infusing that extract into an edible candied sweet perfect to consume anywhere, anytime.

Honey & Eucalyptus Throat Lozenges CBD Sweets: These CBD infused throat lozenges are perfect to bring natural relief from a sore throat – honey and eucalyptus are a great combination for you to enjoy sucking on. this is a great alternative to sweets of the same kind without CBD and each sweet contains about 4 mg of cannabidiol. Each sweet comes with the Bee to let you know you are in for a CBD and honey sweet experience.

Liquorice CBD Candy Cushions Sweets: This classic sweet flavour completely masks the taste of the CBDF extract, however for some, liquorice may be even worse, but if you enjoy the classic licorice root flavour then these CBD Sweets edibles are the perfect way to take your CBD in a great tasting way. The candy pillows have a cannabidiol content of about 6 mg. per sweet of average size. Black and brown striped candy pads with cannabidiol-rich extract from beneficial hemp. The licorice candy is a true delicacy in which the taste of the CBD extract is completely suppressed.

Use & Storage: Less is more, consume as you wish, but they contain sugar and should not be eaten without restraint. Keep these CBD sweets in a cool, dark environment and enjoy. The jar contains 20 grams of candy.

Disclaimer: Do not take CBD if you are pregnant or lactating. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product and do plenty of your own research before ingesting CBD oil to ensure its right for you. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and we make no claim as to its effects although feedback from customers rate CBD as having a very positive reception by users of all ages and even Pets. This is a non medical CBD product. Suggested use- As a food supplement consume between 50-100mg per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. This product has not been evaluated by the MHRA is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Strictly for over 18’s only – Quintessential accepts no liability for you using this product.

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  • Get Well Soon CBD Sweets  – Herbal Tonic
  • Butter Mint CBD Sweets – Sweet Minty and fresh
  • Honey Eucalyptus Throat Sweets – Soothing And Cooling
  • Liquorice CBD Sweets – Traditional Edible Candy Flavours
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